Upcoming Release: Music to Motivate

by Marvin Davis
Delta Digital News Service

SHERWOOD — If your first love for something doesn’t work out, keep going until you find what works.

Marcus Tyler Williams always loved music but didn’t realize how much until his junior year of college.

“When I stopped playing basketball at Lyon College, I knew I wanted to be great in something else,” Williams said. “I used to freestyle all the time with my friends in high school but never realized how far I could go with it.”

Williams took his talent, his bachelor degree in mathematics and minor in economics to another level, and started his own art business called Urban Art Enterprise LLC.

“With this business, I host events to give exposure to local artists,” Williams said. “It ranges from music performances, listening and previewing parties for new music and also community events in which people get to know different artists on a personal level.”

More than just a business owner, Williams acts as manager, artist, producer and engineer.

His latest single project, called “F.A.I.T.H.,” will release this year. The personal project aims to motivate people.

“The ‘F.A.I.T.H.’ project was created to motivate and to reassure me that I’m on the right path,” Williams said. “Also, it was designed to make me focus and invest in a process that required me to trust wholeheartedly.”

His first released project was “L.O.O.K.,” composed with Jaquan Terry in a group called “90z Made.” Each acronym holds a deeper meaning: “F.A.I.T.H.” stands for Focus and Invest the Heart and “L.O.O.K.” stands for Last of Our Kind.

“This project was created to establish that ’90z Made’ is two of the last true emcees in our generation. Our concept was to produce a contemporary piece of work that could resonate with all ages,” Terry said.

Williams’ cousin, Ken Seward, said, “I remember listening to Marcus play around with instruments at a young age and he was really good. Now, he has his business going and I can see him making a major impact.”