Porch Talk

The Delta includes multiple races, religions, educational and socioeconomic statuses, political affiliations, and preferred after-dinner beverages.

Sitting on the porch often provides an avenue to broach some of those things bothering us in a not-so-public setting, i.e. those deeper issues beyond the gossip, those issues necessary for a community conversation. The Delta Digital News Service wants to learn those things, research and report them, and search for solutions fitting a diverse community.

We gain a broader perspective allowing for a more informed citizenry, which is paramount in a democratic Republic. As part of the community, you can make a positive difference by alerting us to issues not only affecting you, but also your neighbors and family. Don’t hesitate to tell us

  • what community stories interest you?
  • what issues concern you?
  • what information services would help?

Reach the whole staff by emailing deltadnews@gmail.com or contact someone directly via the masthead.

Feedback, Civility, Community

The Delta Digital News Service intends to celebrate its victories and acknowledge its setbacks. It helps student journalists to receive constructive criticisms and kudos when warranted. DDNS seeks community input for both, i.e. keep us on our toes.

Alert us to errors to potentially avert the spread of misinformation. Alert us to incivility to help quickly remove bad content.

DDNS encourages feedback from all viewpoints, but will not allow anonymous comments. Site comments promote civil conversation to allow others to judge for themselves the validity of any issue. Rumor, gossip and slander are not welcomed.

All comments will be moderated for civility, i.e. although your comment may not immediately appear, it will be reviewed as quickly as possible. Violent or hostile behavior will not be tolerated: comments will be removed and credible threats will be reported to law enforcement.

DDNS reserves the right to edit posts and/or letters for clarity and length.