Coalition Helps Immigrants Achieve Citizenship

by Ana Maria Baquero
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO – Arkansas United exists to help immigrants become United States citizens.

The foundation abides by Arkansas’ immigration laws and rules while providing advocacy and services. It helps communities by giving immigrants the best opportunity to become U.S. citizens.

David Nuñez, a member of the Jonesboro chapter, has helped many people become legal citizens in the United States. He wants immigrant voices to be heard.

“The main goal of this organization is to empower the community and the immigrants, also to engage and bring the community together, all immigrants, not just Latinos,” Nuñez said.  

Sebastian Rodriguez, an immigrant who lives in Jonesboro, has made strides to gain citizenship.

“I haven’t seen my mother in 23 years and my biggest goal right now is to get the correct documentation to become legal and go back to Mexico and see her,” Rodriguez said.

Arkansas United member Juan Manuel Saldaña received his U.S. citizenship in 2016. He said he feels he has gained many benefits from being affiliated with Arkansas United.

“I am glad I got the documentation because of the help of my friend David Nuñez, and I want it to make it real for Sebastian as well,” Saldaña said. “It’s very important for me to have this documentation because at the time of driving my car I was always afraid a police officer would stop me and ask for my driver’s license which I did not have.”

Services provided by the organization include family-based legal services, adult education and immigrant resource centers. The program started in 2010.