Old Pine Provides Fresh Coffee

by Colby Sigears
Delta Digital News Service

Old Pine provides an Arkansas product to local businesses.

JONESBORO — Old Pine Coffee Roasters provides Jonesboro residents with the freshest coffee possible.

Ann Williams, a local worker at The Edge coffee shop, said Old Pine is a popular product in their store.

“We have been working with Old Pine for little over a year, and it sells very well. Our customers love it,” she said.

Old Pine does not have a storefront, i.e. the majority of its business is online. But it partners with local coffee shops such as The Recovery Room. Clay Crume, a server and bartender at the Recovery Room, said they have been partnered for nearly a year this summer.

“We help get the business out with including it in our store. Our customers like its taste,” Crume said.

Old Pine takes pride in making coffee with love. It provides customers with the best they can offer by their specialties or time and effort.

“Their dark roast is a favorite here at The Edge,” Williams said. “It has a distinct flavor.”

The consistency of the coffee roast makes it a popular pick for most people.

“I like it better than the other coffees I have drunk,” Crume said. “The taste is different, not bitter like the rest; it is smoother.”

Old Pine is gradually growing business in the Jonesboro area and even provides a coffee trailer for local events.


One comment

  • I bought one of their iced coffees on last Saturday at the Farmers Market and it really put a smile on my face. So fresh. So good!