Quorum makes changes to employment policy

Brooke Buckner
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO – An amendment was made to change Ordinance 2014-3 at Monday’s Quorum Court meeting.

The ordinance was made to update the Craighead County employment policy for vacation and paid time off, and for other purposes. The Court’s goal is to ensure a fair distribution of employees time.

There was some confusion in the room when the last line in the last paragraph in the ordinance was brought up. It read “Employees will be able to continue to accrue time up to a maximum of 720 hours but cannot be paid out more than what was recorded at the time of the ordinance.”

Judge Marvin Day said at the date of this ordinance passing, workers amount of personal time would freeze at that moment and be recorded. There was another concern about people who are under 480 hours right now can’t accrue up to 480. Jason Price clarified that they can use it but they will not be paid for it at the end.

“You get paid for what you have accrued at the time if you leave at that time. You can get up to 480 and use that time, but if you leave you will only get paid out at what your snapshot was of your personal time,” Judge Day said.

New employees will have no payouts on personal time going forward.

May 1 is the earliest the ordinance can be passed.

Editor’s Note: Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash