7 Tips for Improving ‘Battlefield 1’ Multiplayer

by Christopher Lee
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO – The multiplayer mode in “Battlefield 1” supplies a perfect jumping-on point for newcomers to the series, but it is a harsh and unforgiving place.

If you’re not careful, it will punish your every mistake. To help new players who may struggle in their first days, I’ve compiled a list of seven tips to improve your time in “Battlefield 1.” Following these helpful tips will help you begin your first games knowing what to do.

1. Have Fun

This may seem obvious to many, so this is less of a tip and more of a reminder.  Games are meant to be fun and as you play, it is important to remember this. Strive to maximize the fun everyone is having.

2. Play the Objective

As you play “Battlefield 1” multiplayer, you will hear players telling each other to PTFO. I can’t break down the acronym and keep this list child-friendly, but I can tell you it means play the objective.

From a game-play perspective, this tip will help you the most. “Playing the objective” means doing what is necessary to win. This varies from mode to mode but playing the objective benefits you and your team. You will gain experience and help lead your team to victory.

So capture flags, sectors or even pigeons and you will see the experience pour in.

3. Learn Your Class and When to Switch

Knowing the ins and outs of all the classes is important for successful teamwork in a class-based shooter like “Battlefield 1.” Learning how each class works, when they are needed and how to be effective with each takes time. So pick one class to start and play the class till it reaches level three.

At level three, the class is basically complete minus one item gained at level 10. After reaching level three, move to a new class and repeat the cycle. As stated before, know when a class is needed, e.g. if your team is constantly dying, it would benefit from another medic more than a sniper.

4. Communicate

Communication provides the key to victory, both in history and in “Battlefield” multiplayer.

It is easy to communicate even if you don’t have access to a microphone. “Battlefield 1” contains a built-in text chat used to give information and commands. Keep your team informed about important events happening at your location.

5. Map Awareness

Pay attention to the map and you will never be surprised by any developments again. The map contains an assortment of information: enemy locations, objective statuses and useful equipment.

Keeping an eye on the map allows the team to quickly react to changes in the flow of battle. The faster you react, the faster you can win.

6. Vehicles and When to Use Them

Vehicles can be powerful assets. They can easily sway the battle in your favor, but don’t be too eager to get behind the wheel of history’s first tanks. While they are powerful, vehicles only allow you to level up the special vehicle classes.

I advise you wait to play vehicles until you’ve reached at least level three with all your classes. That said: if you believe a vehicle could possibly save your team and no one else will take the responsibility, then do it.

7. Don’t Quit

This is the last tip I have and it’s pretty simple. Don’t quit unless you absolutely must.

No matter how bad things are going, always stick it out to the very end. Not only does quitting hurt your team (causing teams to be unbalanced until someone takes your place), but it hurts you as well.

At the end of each round, a score multiplier provides large sums of experience you will need to level up. Leveling up gains you “war bonds,” which you use to unlock new weapons and equipment.

Quitting also prevents you from acquiring Battlepacks, which are randomly awarded to players at the end of each round. They contain weapon skins that act as cosmetic enhancements to individual weapons. Weapon skins allow players to stand out in the multiplayer.

Quitting for something important is understandable. No penalty exists for quitting, so go right ahead; but don’t quit just because your team is losing.

Theses tips come from years of “Battlefield” game experience. I can assure you these tips have secured many victories and will never let you down. To see all these tips in action, watch the playlist below where I go through one of the operation matches in “Battlefield 1.”

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