Service Provides Safe Trip Home

by Jessica Ladd
Delta Digital News Service

Driving service Uber is helping eliminate drunk driving one trip at a time. The app allows users to go out and enjoy themselves without having to worry about getting home safely.

The mobile app is simple to use and fair in price. Some citizens think highly of the service.

“Uber is a hot topic right now,” said Melissa Herman, a customer at Brickhouse Bar and Grill in downtown Jonesboro. She said she is grateful for Uber’s service to the community.

Taylor Cagle, who was with Herman at the bar, also had nothing but positive reviews. She even considered driving for the company. She said her boss swears by Uber.

Downtown Jonesboro businesses also approve of the app. Uber is helping transport their customers safely and it’s helping reduce their employee’s stress.

“It’s great,” said Krysti Breyette, a bartender at Cregeen’s Irish Pub. “A lot of people drink and use Uber. It’s not uncommon to see an Uber or Lyft outside waiting to pick someone up. It has cut down on drinking and driving.”

Breyette said Uber is saving lives by offering its service.


Jordan Wooten enjoys the “calm before the storm” on a slow Saturday afternoon at Brickhouse Bar and Grill. (Photo by Jessica Ladd)

Brickhouse Bar and Grill bartender Jordan Wooten has more than six years of experience working in downtown Jonesboro’s bars.

“Uber absolutely is preventing drunk driving,” he said. “You can see someone get into an Uber and know they’ll make it home safely. It’s an app. Even in your worst state, you can use it.”

Uber breaks down the process of using its app into five steps on its website:

  1. A rider opens the app. The rider can enter their destination and view prices, car sizes and wait times. The rider confirms the pickup location and taps request.
  2. The rider is matched with a driver. A nearby driver accepts the trip request. The rider is notified when the driver is a minute away.
  3. The driver picks up the rider. The driver verifies the driver’s name along with the destination.
  4. The driver takes the rider to destination.
  5. The driver and rider leave ratings for each other. Riders can also leave reviews for the driver as well as tips.

Wendell Vovo started driving for Uber in August 2017. He also claimed Uber is cutting down on drunk driving. He said the community appreciates Uber’s service.

“A lot of people are so thankful for it because they have gotten tickets in the past,” he said. “You go and spend $60 on a drink and wind up paying over $2,500.”

In the United States, two out of three people will be involved in a drunk-driving incident within their lifetime. Partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving and creating the hashtag #DesignatedRider, Uber is encouraging people to make safer choices.