Revenue Gains Spur Projects

By Chloe Short
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO — The Craighead County seat will see changes due to recent economic gains and plans for incoming jobs.

Sales tax revenues for Jonesboro have started strong in 2019 and could potentially pass the record-breaking 2018 totals. The increase in money means many new proposals for the city and the continuation of projects and population inflation. It also opens conversation for further development of the city.

“What we can see is that people spent money in 2019 in the city of Jonesboro, which is always a good thing,” said Craig Rickert, the director of communications for Jonesboro Unlimited, a company that works to bring new businesses to the Jonesboro area. “People are shopping, they’re going to restaurants … they’re buying cars and that money goes to a general fund and helps the city pay for the services for its citizens.”

Mark Young, president and CEO at Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce, said these repairs and services would likely not be limited to police and fire protection, parks and recreation and road improvements. One service that is coming to Jonesboro is a new bike trail.

“I think It would benefit the community positively because it would provide more opportunities for people to get out and be active,” said Jordan Nash, a current Jonesboro resident.

Jonesboro Unlimited’s five-year plan focuses on attracting businesses and talent, business expansions, workforce development and community enhancement. Chris Barber, chairman for Jonesboro Unlimited, said they’re targeting jobs and businesses in health care, agriculture, manufacturing, logistics and professional services.  

“We’re not at liberty to say what businesses are coming due to confidentiality agreements that the companies have signed,” Barber said.  

The plan is two years ahead of schedule and the projected outcome is expected to bring 5,153 new jobs.

“Jonesboro is doing very well,” Barber said. “We are seeing a steady community, employment and population increase.”

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