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Cellphones Pinpoint Emergencies

by Miranda Reynolds Delta Digital News Service JONESBORO – In a life-threatening situation where seconds matter, Craighead County’s dispatch service uses advances in technology to find someone’s location and provide them help. Cellphones allow people across the nation to quickly access information at a touch of a button. In an emergency, it provides a lifeline to help. E911 Director Jeff

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Voters Give Officials More Time

by Kirsten May Courtesy of A-State Department of Media Arkansas voters passed an amendment to the Arkansas Constitution that will lengthen term limits for elected county officials from two years to four years. As Kirsten May explains, people in those positions think this will help them be more effective. JONESBORO — Now even though the new term limits won’t go

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UPDATE: Turnout for Cannabis Issues Doubtful

by Kirsten May Courtesy of A-State Department of Media JONESBORO — Arkansas voters will see five issues on their ballot this year, including two different proposals about medical marijuana. ASU TV’s Kirsten May reports on differences in the proposals and how they might affect the state election. Issue 6 is the Medical Marijuana Amendment. Issue 7 is the Medical Cannabis

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