Concealed Carry Price Lowered

by Chloe Short
Delta Digital News Service

CHERRY VALLEY — A new law in Arkansas brings down the price of obtaining a concealed carry license.

Arkansas law originally charged citizens $100 to obtain a concealed carry. Following the passage of HB1036, the price decreased to $50 or only $25 for those 65 years or older. Renewal prices for concealed carry license decreased from $35 to $25.

In Arkansas a person does not need a concealed carry license to carry, it does help when entering into federal prohibited places and carrying to different states if they’re in compliance with Arkansas.

Jim Dotson, the state representative from Bentonville behind the law, said the price decrease opens doors for more individuals to attain a concealed carry license. Dotson said the act will go into full effect sometime around August.

“It makes it easier for folks that have limited means to exercise their right of self defense in a legal manner by getting a concealed carry license,” Dotson said.

Dotson said with a concealed carry license, citizens can skip the background check when purchasing firearms since a concealed-carry license requires all background conditions to be met. This makes purchasing firearms an easier process.

Buck Morris, a concealed-carry class instructor from Wynne, said the price decrease allows more people to get their license. He touted the benefits of taking the course.

“You will get hands-on, know how to shoot your gun, and the law states that you have to have six hours of classroom experience,” Morris said.

Citizens fill out an application during a concealed carry class or they can register for a concealed carry license online through for $150. If registered online, they must still fulfill the requirement of completing classes, which is an additional fee.

Concern over the Arkansas State Police’s revenue brought in by the money spent on concealed carry license can be put to rest.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Featured photo of “Phalanx Defense Stealth Operator OWB Holster with Gun” by huntingmark is licensed under CC BY 2.0