Outlet Encourages Musical Growth

by Yu Bai
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO – Back Beat Music provides chances for people to make their music dreams come true.

Open in Jonesboro since 2015, Back Beat Music not only sells instruments but also provides a place for people who are interested in music to share their feelings.

“Music is creative. I enjoy music because it is no rules, like painting,” owner Darrell Sykes said.

Customers can take lessons for different kinds of instruments such as guitar, piano and ukulele. Lessons teach everyone from beginner to the professional. Teachers are not just instructing students simply how to strum and play by ear; they are teaching students how to understand music and music theory.

“I have been learning guitar about five months, and I feel relaxed and enjoyable when I play it. I spend 30 minutes practicing the guitar every day,” said Jett Bradsher, a student taking guitar lessons.

Local musicians are preparing for the music festivals during the summer months.

“Even though we do not play professionally on the music festival, we just go to attend and enjoy. We hope more people come to join us, and let more people hear our bands,” assistant Greg Arnold said.

Back Beat Music continues to adjust music lessons schedule and introduce more varieties of instruments.