Tattooist educates as he creates

By Yu Bai
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO —  In downtown Jonesboro, The Mutiny Tattoo Co. provides great service to a variety of tattoo lovers.

The Mutiny Tattoo Co. is more than just a tattoo design shop for tattoo lovers, but a destiny for people to experience the culture of tattooing and understand the colorful body modification process.

Andrew Null, the proprietor of The Mutiny Tattoo Co., and a professional tattooist, brought his art to Jonesboro a few years ago. Null does not like ordinary and boring work, but hopes he can create a colorful work of art and enthusiastic style of delivery for his clientele.

“Since I started knowing something about tattoos, I fell in love with the art. I enjoy doing special things in my life, and tattoo makes me brave and outgoing,” Null said.

The history of tattoos can be traced back 1,000 years. Having first originated from ancient Asian cultures, Null said that it was a symbol of criminals. With social progress, “it became a specific popular culture among people,” he said. To better master his tattoo skills, Null learned a lot about tattoo culture from various regions and customs. He combined his unique insights into tattoos with his artistic creations.

“Null is an outstanding tattoo artist, he can always understand the preferences of costumes and design the unique tattoo for me,” said Kristen Robinson, a client who frequents the shop.

“New School” is the most popular American tattoo style. It perpetuates the cartoon, beauty and seafarer life elements based on the old style. The color aspect distinguishes the old-style tattoo from the large-scale solid color flat and the tangential line without any rhythm change.  Aside from the New School style, The Mutiny Tattoo Co. provides a variety of patterns for customers to choose. For example, realistic style, portrait style and Ukiyo-e, a well-known Japanese art style, are some of the many choices customers have to choose from.

People get tattoos for many different reasons, however each is a form of self expression.

“Tattoo is an art to encourage people to express themselves and release their emotions, it is a new way to show yourself to others,” said a fellow tattooist and employee, Troy Levon.