Google Introduces new game streaming system

By Brooke Buckner
Delta Digital News Service

Source: Google

JONESBORO Google has introduced a video game streaming service that only requires a controller.

The difference between the new game system called Google Stadia, and the Microsoft Xbox or Sony Playstation is that it is streamed and does not have a bulky console that uses discs. It relies on a Wi-Fi signal to stream games, much like Netflix does with movies and TV shows.

Google Stadia is convenient because you can play games on any device— smartphone, laptop, tablet or television.

In regards to specific age appeal, Matt Shimasaki of Game X Change said, “I guess it wouldn’t be a success for like my generation and older generations.” Shimasaki said he could see this product being sold at places like Game Stop and Walmart because Game X Change doesn’t sell new products because they are a buy, sell and trade business.

Shimasaki said that he would not invest his money into the Google Stadia because he has always been an Xbox fan and nothing will change that.

James Mcquay, an Xbox owner, said he prefers Xbox because, “I would rather have a physical disc and have it on hand.” When something is being streamed over the internet, there is a chance the server could crash and the game could lag. That is another reason why people feel more comfortable having a physical disc inside a game console.

Mcquay also said that he believes Google Stadia will take away sales from businesses like Game X Change because there won’t be a need for trading game discs anymore when all the games are available on a digital streaming service.

Kieron Sims at Greenback Games said he could see the Google Stadia being a success because, “it will catch on to the trend of digital media.”

Sims also said he would invest in the Google Stadia because he thinks it has good potential. He also said that Greenback Games doesn’t sell new products just like Game X Change.

Sims said he doesn’t think it would affect his business because they primarily sell retro games and he doesn’t think Google Stadia will make that big of an impact in the video game world because big companies will run them out.

Google Stadia is set to be released this November.