Natural healing is choice for some

By Blaze Cantrell
Delta Digital News Service

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. — Lora Borgfield of PC Wellness Centers, says getting a chiropractic adjustment solves daily physical ailments for people.

Borgfield has been the office manager for PC Wellness Centers in Cape Girardeau for a few years. She has seen people come in for many reasons and believes that a visit to the PC office could really help someone.

“People want to use a more natural way to heal their body. We treat infants and all the way to older people in their 90s,” said Borgfield.

Borgfield said people come in for a handful of reason. Some people come in because they have been in serious accidents and a back alignment will help with their recovery, while others just come in because they did not sleep well and they feel “out of whack.”

“My entire family comes in occasionally,” said Borgfield. “I like to make sure everything is going well and they feel good.”

Borgfield said getting your back adjusted can boost your immune system, help relieve migraines, as well as neck, back and joint pain.

Tim Borgfield, Lora’s husband, has made many visits to PC Wellness Centers. He races motorcycles and dirt bikes with his son and he feels like a visit to his wife’s place of employment does the trick.

“If my son and I have been at a race all weekend, I make a point to call Lora and schedule an appointment on Monday to get my back realigned,” he said.

He said there is nothing like hearing his back pop all over and feeling instant relief upon leaving the office. Tim is a firm believer that his visits to PC Wellness Centers allow him to continue to do what he loves.

People of all ages go to the chiropractor, so Lora sees college students every day. She says a lot of college students come in because they have been in car accidents or had major problems their entire life.

Tori Davis has had chronic pain in her back since she was a child. She is now 22 and still experiencing the pain.

“I have realized the pain will more than likely never go away but at least it feels better for a little while after I leave the chiropractor,” she said.

Lora thinks a visit to the chiropractor is the best and most natural way to heal your body and says she thinks everyone should make an appointment and visit as regularly as needed.

Editor’s Note: Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash