Water-resistant and waterproof cellphones defined

By Brooke Buckner
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO — Phone companies are creating what they call waterproof phones, but not all of them are necessarily waterproof.

The difference between waterproof smartphones and water-resistant smartphones is that water is incapable of getting inside a waterproof phone, however, a water-resistant phone may get water inside of it.

Sprint employee Ken Daley said they sell more water-resistant phones than non-water-resistant phones and he would rather splurge and buy a water-resistant phone instead of buying an ordinary one and getting a water-proof case for it.

“I would say the Samsung Note 9 is the best when it comes to water-resistant phones,” said Daley.

If you are looking to buy a waterproof phone case, he said Lifeproof is the only fully waterproof one. When it comes to waterproof cases, he said they sell the most of Insipio and Otterbox brands.

Stevie Ivy at T-Mobile said, “The resistance for iPhone and Samsung is 6 feet for 30 minutes,” which is pretty good, but he still doesn’t recommend that people take their phones in the shower.

Ivy said there is a big price difference between water-resistant phones and ordinary phones and he would be willing to pay more money to have a water-resistant phone rather than buying a non-water-resistant phone and getting a fancy phone case for it.

T-Mobile has a selection of phone cases to pick from and Ivy said, “We sell most of Otterbox cases.”

Bishal Verma from Neha Wireless gave a few tips on how to try to fix a phone with water damage. He said don’t try to charge it and to try and dry it as much as possible.

Neha Wireless video

“The best water absorber is rice,” said Verma.

Verma said most of the time his company sells iPhones and that Samsung is better than iPhone in regards to being waterproof.

Neha Wireless sells a variety of phone cases as well.


Editor’s Note: Photo by Igor Rodrigues on Unsplash