Safety first during Pocahontas Novemberfest

By Maddison Smith
Delta Digital News Service

POCAHONTAS – Law enforcement will be present during the first inaugural Novemberfest, making residents feel safer. The city will hold its first inaugural Novemberfest in historic downtown Pocahontas on November 1 through 2.

Co-Chairmen of the Novemberfest John Allen French said there will be law enforcement present during the festival. Pocahontas Chief of Police David Edington said there will be full-time officers, part-time officers and volunteer reserve officers at the festival. “Just for the general safety. It’s not anything dealing with the fact that we are afraid it’s going to get out of hand; there is still traffic around those areas, so it’s about safety and being visible.”

   The streets that will be blocked off:

  • North Marr Street
  • West Pyburn Street
  • North Van Bibbber Street
  • West Everett Street
  • North Bettis Street

French agreed that there is a need for law enforcement at the festival, but doesn’t expect there will be any real need for them. “The last festival we had a police presence and nothing happened.”

   Gypsy Girl owner Carrie Barnes said, “Its always good to have the police around during something like this; in case someone gets hurt or if something happens.” Barnes also said that Gypsy Girl will be opened during the festival and are expecting nothing to happen.

Another committee member Linda Bowling said, “We expect a large crowd. We have always coordinated with the city for any of our festivals in the event there is a problem.”

There will also be alcohol sold at the festival. Edington said he believes there will be an officer that will be assigned for alcohol beverage control.

 “With regard to the festival tavern, we have all the proper permits, temporary alcohol sales and we’ve complied fully with the Alcoholic Beverage Control.” Bowling said, “I believe there will be paramedics there or at least easy access to our paramedics.” 

French said there will be a lost and found and it will be held in the old court house. There will also be a member of the Novemberfest committee inside at all times.

Editor’s Note: Feature photo shows Pocahontas Courthouse Square. Photo by Maddison Smith