Westside: 20 years later

Westside Middle School Memorial Garden

Students from the Spring 2018 Advanced Reporting and Reporting for Electronic Media courses investigated the 20th anniversary of the Westside Middle School shootings and the ramifications of Arkansas’ soon-to-be-implemented college campus concealed-carry law.

  • Miranda Reynolds details remembrances from the Westside School Board, a student and a former A-State faculty member.
  • Seth Cleveland examines how Westside survivors continue to help other victims of school shootings.
  • Katie Woodall examines how the Westside shootings changed active-shooter procedures.
  • Tucker Crain details Arkansas’ Congressional leaders’ stances on gun violence and school safety.
  • Christopher Lee examines contention at Arkansas State over the new campus concealed-carry law.
  • DDNS Editor-in-Chief Kimberely Blackburn examines regional reactions to the campus concealed-carry law.

Ammar Taqi of the Advanced Photography class provided featured pictures of the Westside Middle School Memorial Garden. View the full pictures below.

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