Fitness buffs embrace new earbuds

By Brooke Buckner
Delta Digital News Service

JONESBORO — Anticipation of the next generation of fitness earbuds and Apple AirPods is at an all-time high.

Fitness earbuds are wireless earbuds that have Bluetooth capabilities. Walmart employee Katherine Martin said, “Fitness earbuds are only called fitness to appeal to the fitness crowd… it is good advertising.”

The perks of fitness earbuds are that they are convenient for those with disabilities. The devices are water resistant and because of their design, stay in your ears well.

Martin not only sells earbuds at the retail store, but also uses the product. However, Martin said she chooses to wear normal earbuds because she hasn’t found the need to wear the wireless ones.

Logan Bonner, an AirPods owner, said he prefers fitness earbuds because they are more convenient, especially when he travels.

Bonner thinks people buy fitness earbuds like AirPods more than regular earbuds because, “even if they are not into fitness, they are more convenient.”

AirPods are compatible with most phones and have a microphone in each bud. This allows for voice calls while wearing them.

Bonner said when he works out, he prefers wearing beats wireless headphones because they are better at staying in place during intense movement.

Bonner said he would recommend AirPods because they are quick and easy to operate.

Target store employee Billy Simpson said although the fitness earbuds don’t have wires and are more portable with noise cancellation, he uses regular earbuds and thinks his store sells more of the regular type compared to the fitness.

Simpson predicts they will sell more of the next generation AirPods, once they are released, instead of the original AirPods and that he would recommend Beats brand to somebody looking to purchase fitness earbuds.