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Westside: 20 years later

Westside Middle School Memorial Garden

Students from the Spring 2018 Advanced Reporting and Reporting for Electronic Media courses investigated the 20th anniversary of the Westside Middle School shootings and the ramifications of Arkansas’ soon-to-be-implemented college campus concealed-carry law. Miranda Reynolds details remembrances from the Westside School Board, a student and a former A-State faculty member. Seth Cleveland examines how Westside survivors continue to help other

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High Schools Tackle Opioid Problem

by Madison Gomez Delta Digital News Service JONESBORO — Opioid use and addiction have become a crisis in the United States, but area high schools are working to help raise awareness and promote prevention. High school students often encounter opioids, mainly through prescription medicine found in relatives’ cabinets. “Probably one of the things that we struggle with most here at

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Politics Aside, Opioid Crisis Must be Stopped

by Jama Domerese Delta Digital News Service JONESBORO – With political opinions more heated than ever, both parties agree the opioid crisis is an epidemic that needs to be stopped. The death rate due to prescription drug abuse in the United States has escalated 313 percent over the past decade. Opioid prescription drugs alone were involved in 16,650 overdose-caused deaths

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Law Enforcement Addresses Opioid Crisis

by Meagen Matuszyk Delta Digital News Service JONESBORO — A national crisis makes its way to Jonesboro as an influx in opioid addiction moves through the Delta region. Most commonly found in painkillers, opioids act as pain relievers, and are most commonly found in heroin and prescription drugs such as hydrocodone and oxycodone. Jonesboro Police Department’s Sgt. Cassie Brandon said

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Pharmacists Provide, Monitor Opiates

by Seth Cleveland Delta Digital News Service JONESBORO — For the local medical community, the opioid crisis continues to be an uphill battle. Recently highlighted by President Trump’s combative statements against the epidemic, awareness continues to grow. A Growing Epidemic According to the Department of Health and Human Services, Arkansas has one of the worst dependency rates and treatment capacities

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Rehabilitation Centers Combat Opioid Crisis

by Destini Lattimore Delta Digital News Service JONESBORO — Three Jonesboro rehabilitation centers are working diligently to combat the opioid crisis in Northeast Arkansas. Stockton Medical Group, Northeast Arkansas Treatment Services and Northeast Arkansas Regional Recovery Center are fighting the crisis by offering necessary health care to Northeast Arkansas residents. The opioid crisis refers to the rapid increase in the

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