Please help us showcase what the Delta offers, its unique and perhaps hidden stories. In addition to student journalists, Delta Digital News Service welcomes outside contributions and suggestions to diversify content.


The Delta Digital News Service seeks news tips, stories, op-eds, editorial cartoons, audio and video about issues affecting the Delta community as well as in-depth views of those seldom in the news. DDNS publishes traditional reporting and novel approaches with photo slideshows, sound slides and mixed media.

DDNS also seeks to link community blogs from those with subject expertise (e.g. local tourism, faith and spirituality, food and cooking, arts and music, fitness, travel, outdoor sports). Submissions from AState graduates and undergraduates encouraged.

All submissions must adhere to the DDNS editorial process, which includes deadlines for drafts and revisions. Articles may be edited for AP Style, grammar, length and clarity; editors may suggest multiple edits, but refusal to edit will result in submission rejection.

Pitch submission ideas to, or to a specific editor (see masthead).


Delta Digital News Service posts community photos for potential republication. To submit, email and include the following:

    • Photographer’s name, contact info
    • Date/Time Taken
    • Place Taken

Names of any individuals shown

Photographs will be credited and used for the following:

  • “Photo of the Week” as determined by staff
  • “The Delta Scene” — scenic photos of the Delta region
  • “Around Here” — meant to stump the reader concerning the whereabouts of photos in the Northeast Arkansas Delta
  • A community archive will collect photographs of newsworthy individuals for use in future articles. User-submitted photographs may also be used in future news or feature articles.